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  • Revival in School?

    In early February, a school in West Virginia made the news for having a Christian revival at school during school hours, which some teachers stated was mandatory. As you might […]

  • Psychic Powers and Kids

    One of my guilty pleasures is watching ghost hunting shows. I know that a lot of what they do is faked. And I know that the shows that get the […]

  • Schooling

    So, here we are. I’ve been adding homeschool resources, and deleting one site that went out of business. I’ve also been thinking a lot about schooling in general. We’ve been […]

  • Podcast updates

    As the title of this week’s podcast says, we’re “Back at it” with our first episode in over a year…and what a strange year it’s been. As always, check it […]

  • Review: The Magickal Family

    (book purchased by reviewer) It’s been a while since I’ve read Pagan parenting books and really expected to learn something new – many of the reviews on this site are […]

  • Holidays, Holidays, and More Holidays

    Wiccans and other Wiccanesque (are we still using that word) faiths typically celebrate the Wheel of the Year – 8 holidays, consisting of the solstices, equinoxes, and the dates in […]

  • Review: Paganism for Kiddos

    (review originally published in 2013, book purchased by reviewer) This book caught me by surprise, during one of my regular sweeps of Amazon for new books for Pagan families. This […]

  • Pagan Homeschooling in the Era of Social Distancing

    I am not a homeschooling mom – not really. We did a lot of preschool at home because my children were medically fragile and not really capable of going to […]

  • WiccaCraft for Families

    (review originally published 2014, book purchased by reviewer) My copy of this book has a different cover image than the one shown on Amazon – a family in front of […]

  • Review: The Junior Witch’s Handbook

    (book purchased by reviewer) I ordered this book with my own “nearly 7 year old” junior witch in mind. My own little witchling is somewhat younger than the suggested reader […]