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  • My First Little Workbook of Wicca

    (Review originally published 2013, book purchased by the reviewer) My biggest complaint: this book is perfect bound, and as a workbook, I really wish it was either spiral bound, or […]

  • A Witch’s Primer, Grade 1

    (Review originally published 2012, book purchased by reviewer) Let’s start with the basics:  I bought this book to review because I really liked the premise. Ms. Manderly says in the […]

  • Review: Kindling Sparks

    (book purchased by reviewer) So, a month or two back I ran across a clergy person on Patreon and discovered that they were in the process of publishing a book. […]

  • Review: Pagan Homeschooling

    (book owned by reviewer) I’ve been promising a review of Pagan Homeschooling, by Kristin Madden, for some time now. I’ve finally finished re-reading it, and truthfully, I feel like the […]

  • Review: Rupert’s Tales A Book of Bedtime Stories

    (book provided by the author’s publisher, review originally published in 2015) Rupert’s Tales: A Book of Bedtime Stories, written by Kyrja, Illustrated by Tonia Bennington Osborn I’ve probably mentioned before […]

  • Review: The Magickal Family

    (book purchased by reviewer) It’s been a while since I’ve read Pagan parenting books and really expected to learn something new – many of the reviews on this site are […]

  • Review: Pagan Degrees for Children

    (review originally published in 2013, book purchased by reviewer) I really wasn’t sure what to think of this book based on the title. But reading it, it’s actually a really […]

  • Review: Paganism for Kiddos

    (review originally published in 2013, book purchased by reviewer) This book caught me by surprise, during one of my regular sweeps of Amazon for new books for Pagan families. This […]

  • WiccaCraft for Families

    (review originally published 2014, book purchased by reviewer) My copy of this book has a different cover image than the one shown on Amazon – a family in front of […]

  • Review: The Junior Witch’s Handbook

    (book purchased by reviewer) I ordered this book with my own “nearly 7 year old” junior witch in mind. My own little witchling is somewhat younger than the suggested reader […]