Review: The Simple Sabbat

(book purchased by reviewer, review originally written in 2014)

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This is a cute but straight forward book, with things to do for each Sabbat. For each, there are oil and incense recipes, suggested foods (with recipes), crafts, and a ritual with a simple format, appropriate for kids. There’s also a bit of information about the holiday, and pages for making notes so that you can use this to plan and make notes about how things worked (or didn’t work).

Each idea has a link to a video too – before Ms. Peterson became a life coach, she was making videos on YouTube for all of her Pagan celebration ideas. To be fair, I did not check every video, but she has a YouTube channel under the name CharmingPixieFlora (and a new channel related to her coaching practice under a different name). Some other videos come up when searching for it, some supporting her, some defaming her for her change in focus. At some point, the author did remove many of her videos from her channel, so I’m not  sure that every link in the book will work, but so far I haven’t found any non-working links.

The videos would be easier to access if the author had shortened the links rather than giving the YouTube link – but if you get this as an ebook, that won’t be as much of a problem.

It seems Ms. Peterson got her start, actually, making these videos. Her following on YouTube along with her mentors (she’s been a member of the Susan B Anthony #1 Coven, under Z. Budapest), convinced her to write a book based on the work she was already doing.

All in all, it’s an easy to follow book, even without the videos. Great for a busy family who needs a little help figuring out what to do for any Sabbat!

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