Review: Rainbow Bodies

(review originally published in 2018, book purchased by the reviewer)

the cover of the book, "Rainbow Bodies" - there is a blue gradient background with light orbs. At the top there is a rainbow with clouds at the ends, and the title in different colored letters in the clouds. Hanging from the clouds is the silhouette of a person on a swing.
Rainbow Bodies, By Kelly Collins Kascavitch

This book is made up of amazingly beautiful photos, each specifically matched, by color, to the chakra they’re talking about in those pages.  Each pair of pages has sentences explaining that charkra, which rhyme (though sometimes, the length of the sentences makes those rhymes more subtle). Some of the first and last pages talk about what chakras are, and how to care for our energetic bodies.

All in all, it’s really a nice little book, and I think we’ll enjoy reading it over and over.

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