Everyday Magick book cover

(review originally published in 2012, book purchased by reviewer)

I bought this book – I’m still on the hunt for things that we can do with my very active non-verbal little guy.

My first impression of this book was, “OMG this is so lovely!” – I was so struck by the inside of it that I went to show my husband.

Every page starts, “There is magick in…” with a different topic, followed by a rhyming explanation of the topic. There’s a short lesson or moral, and a question or challenge – some activity to do or think about related to the topic. Topics range from seasonal to parts of the natural world to activities.

I really like the way this book approaches magick – it’s a part of the everyday world, and something you can find everywhere.

I think this could be used as a framework for larger lessons, with the addition of related activities for a group.  But I think we’re going to try using it as a page-a-day sort of thought starter – it’s simple enough for a fairly young child, but profound enough that older kids should find it interesting too.

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