Review: Crystals R For Kids

(review originally published 2015, book purchased by reviewer)

Crystals R for Kids book cover

So, first off: if Atlantis, Aliens and Ancient Lemuria aren’t your cup of tea, skip the first 6 pages of this book. Really…it’s not worth getting worked up over. The author does state that her books are inspired by the Archangel Michael, so there’s that too, though it’s only briefly mentioned in the book itself – the explanation is in the “About the Author” page at the end.

Which is not to say that the book is awful. It’s cute, it’s written at a good level for elementary kids (the book listing calls it out as age 9 and up). It talks about how to choose crystals and how to cleanse them. It introduces 5 commonly used crystals (all types of quartz) as characters with personalities, and talks about when one might use those crystals. It talks about a few ways to use crystals, and spends a few pages talking about chakras.

One thing that really is lacking here is that the 5 stones that are named characters aren’t enough to cover all the chakras – in fact, only 4 of them are listed in the suggested stones for different chakras. I think, if the author really wanted kids to grasp the chakras better, stones for each chakra should have been in other parts of the book.

The author has a whole series of books, “The Little Angel” books, on different spiritual topics. This is the first of them I’ve read, and other than the new agey bit at the beginning, it’s probably decent enough to make me look into other titles she’s written depending on the topic I’m interested in working with the kids on, with the expectation that I’d read it first before handing it over to any child.

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