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  • Sprites & Sparks Community Service

    Happy Earth Day! Sprites & Sparks is the youth group run by Spiral Moon Church, the church that this site belongs to. We’re coming up on the end of the […]

  • My First Little Workbook of Wicca

    (Review originally published 2013, book purchased by the reviewer) My biggest complaint: this book is perfect bound, and as a workbook, I really wish it was either spiral bound, or […]

  • A Witch’s Primer, Grade 1

    (Review originally published 2012, book purchased by reviewer) Let’s start with the basics:  I bought this book to review because I really liked the premise. Ms. Manderly says in the […]

  • The Ancient Amber Beads

    (Review originally published 2014, book purchased by reviewer) As I mentioned in a previous review of another book by this author, I met the author through a business networking group, and I […]

  • March Brings Ostara

    I know that Imbolc is “the beginning of spring” traditionally….but here in Michigan, February is typically stormy, colder than cold, and snowy. We’ve had more than a foot of snow, […]

  • Revival in School?

    In early February, a school in West Virginia made the news for having a Christian revival at school during school hours, which some teachers stated was mandatory. As you might […]

  • Psychic Powers and Kids

    One of my guilty pleasures is watching ghost hunting shows. I know that a lot of what they do is faked. And I know that the shows that get the […]

  • Review: Kindling Sparks

    (book purchased by reviewer) So, a month or two back I ran across a clergy person on Patreon and discovered that they were in the process of publishing a book. […]

  • Schooling

    So, here we are. I’ve been adding homeschool resources, and deleting one site that went out of business. I’ve also been thinking a lot about schooling in general. We’ve been […]

  • Review: Pagan Homeschooling

    (book owned by reviewer) I’ve been promising a review of Pagan Homeschooling, by Kristin Madden, for some time now. I’ve finally finished re-reading it, and truthfully, I feel like the […]

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